Ceebo Brew Co. was founded in 2022 on the belief that anyone should be able to enjoy a refreshing beverage in good company without the pressure to imbibe.

Three Ceebo surrounded by ice.

Born and brewed in the Carolinas in partnership with Tarboro Brewing Company, Ceebo utilizes an innovative brewing method that crafts a fully fermented non-alcoholic malt beverage that never exceeds 0.5% ABV during any point of the brewing process. Coupled with the use of the highest quality ingredients, the result is a superior non-alcoholic beverage that looks, tastes, smells, and feels like enjoying your favorite brew. 

Our flagship brew, The Classic, is inspired by German-style pilsners and is now available in select restaurants and retailers in the Carolinas, as well online. Please visit our “Find Us” and “Shop” pages for more information.